Maybe just Canadian

First of all, can I just say that if you noticed it looks a little different around here, that’s because I clicked the button to update all the themes I had installed on WordPress and … the free theme I was using had COMPLETELY changed its look. In a bad way. I mean it got JANKY. I guess that’s the risk you run when using a free theme, but jeez! Anyway, this new one will have to do for the time being, but maybe I’ll get inspired to work up something fancier and more personal one of these days.

In much more pleasant news: the story I read at the Lit Crawl has found an online home! Please check out “Like I Was Waiting”in the latest issue of Eclectica Magazine.

In the morning we drank some coffee and D drove us into the city past the golfball-looking Expo thing and on into downtown. We didn’t know what to do and we went into a vintage store in the basement of some building but it was lame and overpriced and then D said someone told him there was better stuff a few blocks away so we walked over and looked at expensive shoes and went into a t-shirt shop and passed by some stripper clubs and there were hotels around and D said this is where we should have stayed as if I should have known. I kept thinking you’re the one who’s been here before even if it was when you were like fourteen with your parents but I didn’t say anything. He said let’s go and we got back in the car and drove across some other bridge that I didn’t recognize from anywhere and the new area seemed cool like quiet but still cool and there was a place that looked good for lunch but D wasn’t hungry. So I went to get a candy bar because I heard that they’re all different like English or something or maybe just Canadian and I got a Coffee Crisp which was really good and also a Mr. Big to bring back as a souvenir but then D ended up eating it and he said it was just okay.

I’d also like to direct your attention to a new project I’ve started: Teenage ’80s Berkeley, a place where I’ve been scanning and posting of various artifacts from, yes, my teenage years in Berkeley in the 1980s. I really have a lot of potential material, and it’s definitely going rather slowly and sporadically, but if you do the tumblr thing I hope you’ll follow, or just check in once in a while. You’ll be rewarded by things like these. (Click the pics to go to the posts and read more.)

Shades of Alligator
Big Fun
Miss Dish

And in pre-teenage matters, here’s a pic of me at the Salon of Shame back in November, reading a story I wrote in 6th grade in front of a giant projected picture of my 6th grade self. Which is really kinda awesome.

Jenny Hayes at Salon of Shame

Finally, I’d like to say that despite having already been sick twice since the new year, I feel excited about 2014.