Short stuff

I wrote a story called “The Stories” … which is perhaps a bit of an odd title. But it’s one of my very favorites. It’s also super short and was just published in New Flash Fiction Review. Usually when I do one of these “woooo! new story published!” posts I put a few lines in as a teaser, but since it’s so tiny I think you should just go read it and see what those stories are all about.

I like the idea of picking a song that somehow fits a story (a la WhiskeyPaper) and when I was thinking about this one I went back to the 90s and the girls I hung out with then who might have had stories and friendships a bit like these and this song popped into my head. I couldn’t remember most of the lyrics or the title but as it turned out it is kind of perfect.

Speaking of stories on the shorter side: I’m reading next Thurs., March 26 at an event hosted by Spartan, where anything over 2,000 words is just not happening. The reading is one of many events next week as part of the APRIL Festival.

APRIL Festival

It also serves as the release party for Spartan Annual #2. “All Monsters Welcome” is included in that.

Spartan #2

I love online literature (duh) but I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting excited about seeing my work in print.

All Monsters Welcome in Spartan #2

The reading includes fellow Spartan contributors Ann Teplick, Donna Miscolta, Erik Evenson, and Q. Lindsay Barrett. 5:30 (happy hour!) at Vermillion Art Gallery. Short … and maybe even sweet.