1. Jenny said:

    And here’s comment. Can’t wait to see more stuff n’ things!

  2. Jenny said:

    I’d like to keep the blog rolling…just maybe be a commentator. Common ‘tater…

  3. Jenny said:

    Oh Jenny, thank you for the comments and I think now it looks like I am commenting to myself so I feel the need to clarify that those are from ANOTHER Jenny! Ha!

    More stuff n’ things underway!

    • Jenny said:

      Now, it looks like I’m commenting to MYself.

      I like your blog. Waiting to read more stuff!

  4. meghan said:

    It’s very pink in here, but I kinda like it…

  5. I had to mention I stopped by because there is more than one Jenny in the world.

  6. Jenny V said:

    Love it!

  7. It’s a FESTIVAL OF JENNYS!!!!!

  8. Doug Erickson said:

    I don’t get it.