Books I like in my pants

I was thinking about writing a bit about some books I’ve recently read and liked. Then I heard about this thing where you add “In My Pants” to book titles. In some cases, hilarity ensues. (“In your pants” supposedly works too, but I think my pants are funnier than your pants. No offense.)

So here are some books I’ve enjoyed over the last year or so … in my pants.

Okay, that last one I’ve just purchased and haven’t actually read yet … but come on, that’s too good not to include.

Digging a bit deeper through my bookshelves, I thought these two could combine to tell a story:

And these three had me cackling like Beavis and Butthead:

Yes, I am setting the bar high for intellectual discourse. Welcome to my blog.

  1. Jenny said:

    You’re so funny! I’ve only read Ariel Gore’s All the Pretty People cuz I read everything (almost!) that she writes. I sold a copy of All the Pretty People to the young woman attendant at the gas station and then when I got gas again a couple weeks later, she had questions – “Where did she meet the guy?” So, I told her that she’ll have all her questions answered when she reads, “Atlas of the Human Heart.” Good stuff…Purty website!

    • My favorite Shakespeare’s: All’s Well That Ends Well In My Pants, Two Gentlemen of Verona In My Pants, Much Ado About Nothing in My Pants, and The Tempest In My Pants