Mustering a catch up

Back when Yard Sale Bloodbath was still active, we had a policy that it was too boring to ever start a blog post explaining why it had been so long since we’d done a blog post, so … Let’s just leave it up the imagination and get right to the goods.

In December the lovely New Zealand-based Geometry Literary Journal published my story “Going to Lake Anza.”

When we were little, Lina and I used to do stuff together all the time. We still like each other, but now she has her friends and I have mine. Or at least she has hers. People always circle around her. Girls and also boys. And now men too. That’s why she’s in therapy. Because of a man. A substitute teacher. Although I don’t think he’s going to be a substitute teacher any more.

Then in January, another publication! This time “Where the Spirals Lead” appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine.

She was beautiful—which I suppose shouldn’t have been surprising: she was Allie’s mom, after all, and they had the same bronze skin, the same piercing eyes, the same thick mane of dark hair, though her mom’s was shorter and tinted with a burgundy sheen. Everything about her seemed deliberately curated: green jumpsuit, golden scarf, red lipstick, things that you wouldn’t have thought would go together but somehow made a striking effect. She seemed to come from a completely different world than my mom, with her stringy hair and thick mascara and beaded halter tops and old suede jackets. Her slew of awful boyfriends. Her huge drafty house with dirt-cheap rent because she used to party with the landlord back in the day.

Exciting stuff after what felt like eons out in the barren wastelands of Rejectiontown … and most recently I’m thrilled to have a tiny poem, “Feminist Cocktails”, in the Unchaste Anthology Vol. 3, a publication from the fab Unchaste Readers. To steal from their website: Please come to Table T2060 at the Oregon Convention Center during AWP, March 2019… Many of the Unchaste will be there with their beautiful books and other merch. I’ll be one of them, hanging around the table and selling a handful of the last remaining copies of my chapbook Dear Rosie AKA Ro-Ho-Zee AKA Rosarita Refried Beans (an illustrated version of this short story in letter form) and trying not to succumb to AWP freakout … who am I kidding, freakout will be surely be had but I hope to make it the most enjoyable freakout possible!!