Official Quarterly Activity Report, June 2019

Here we are at the end of June. What’s been happening in the last three months? Well, lots of writing and submitting (and a fair amount of metaphorical pounding my head against the wall) … plus a few tangible happenings I can tell you about.

Last month my story “Double Zero” was published at Hobart. Here’s a li’l bit of it:

Our first stop was Red Rock Canyon, down at the bottom end of the Sierras. The rocks, as promised, were red. It was pretty. We ate our cellophane-wrapped gas station sandwiches and drank our six-pack of Bud and watched the sun go down. I made an inventory of the cooking smells that wafted over from different campfires, craving some, rejecting others. We decided it was stupid that we didn’t do this kind of thing all the time, even for a weekend or a day. A five-hour drive and then a total different world. Around ten o’clock, Caitlin crawled into the tent. I stayed out for a while, listening to the noises around us. I couldn’t tell if they came from animals or humans, but some of them seemed menacing, and I froze in place, steeling myself for a fight. I felt let down when nothing happened.

And back on Friday, April 26, 2019, I was a guest on the Glossophonics show on Hollow Earth Radio! Sonya Vatomsky and I read and discussed some of our work (and various other subjects, per the whims of host Bryan Edenfield). You can listen here!

All in all, a quite satisfactory quarter, thank you for reading this brief report and stay tuned for whatever comes next……..